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The ACE Network sign-up is currently open for all types, from DJs to solo musicians to large bands. Receive paid live music booking opportunities directly to your inbox for free. Take control of your own career. ACE it!

Are you an agent? Add your musician roster to the ACE Network to provide quotes for ACE clients and secure bookings to suit your business operation.

Joining the ACE network is FREE and we do not add or take any commission.

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Please carefully read the notes provided during sign-up. These will help you to enter your information correctly in order to best match you to live music booking requests. Any errors may delay / prevent your profile from being added.

Musician FAQs

What is ACE Music Booking Agency?

ACE Music Booking Agency is an established worldwide network of professional live music booking agents, artist management companies, music venues and active musicians. We provide services to clients and musicians wishing to hire and be hired for live music events and contracts.

How does ACE work for musicians?

Clients contact us to request musicians for their events or contract work, we match the request with our network of musicians and contact them via email with the booking opportunity. The email contains a link for the musicians to review further details and apply for the opportunity either directly to the client or via a shortlist.

Joining the ACE Network is FREE and we do not add or take any commission.

Do you have reviews from musicians already on the ACE Network?

Yes! Below are a few of the reviews we have received…

“We’ve managed to get repeat bookings in some fab venues because of ACE. A handy resource for bands like ours that want to stay busy.”

– Rob

“Only joined recently. So far everything great. Have 3 shows booked now. Have to still play them though!”

– Andrew Reynolds

“The booking was a great deal and everything went really good! Thank you so much! I’m looking forward for more bookings and these kind of events!”

– Geon

“Lots of gigs are coming through and I’ve been very impressed with how busy the dashboard is. It’s great you are providing this service, the subscription is something we are considering especially with the reasonable fees.”

– Bethany Jane & Bro

“We’ve had a great time with ACE Direct. Well worth the money. We’ve managed to book 3 or 4 gigs through you guys and we’ve also seen a lot of others that look amazing that we’ll definitely apply for once we’re free for a long period of time.”

– Foxgloves Duo

“I have used ACE before. They send me requests (that fit my profile), I’ve landed 75% of them and most of them have been high dollar. Last one was a trio gig that paid almost 2 grand.”

– J-Mann

…and many more!

How long does it take to join ACE?

If you have been sent an invitation link to quote for a client booking request review will usually take place within 24 hours. If not generally the process can take between 1 day to 4 weeks.

You can help the approval process by ensuring when you add your information to the ACE Network you follow the notes provided.

What information do you require?

The ACE Network sign-up requires the following details in order to add you to our network and website:

General: Your name, contact email address and your band/stage name

Act: How many musicians in your performance, the vocal options and the instruments used as well as a description of your performance, the songs performed and reviews from previous clients if available

Media: Online link to your performance videos as well as an image for your website profile

Music: The type of music you perform (covers, originals), the styles of music you perform and which of those is your primary genre

Event: The types of events and contracts you perform or are willing to perform

Location: Where in the world the musicians are primarily based and where in the world you wish to perform

Fees: Your minimum performance fee (for 2x60min sets) for your smallest performance size (if selected multiple) in your local area

Agreement: Agreement with our terms and conditions (new tab) and musicians code of conduct (new tab).

Do I need to pay any money?

No. The ACE Network is FREE to join with no annual fees.

We do offer an optional subscription package called ACE Direct for ACE Network members. ACE Direct subscription is just £3 ($4/€3.4 approx) a month with no minimum term or cancellation fee and many satisfied ACE Direct subscribers enjoy these benefits:

DIRECT EXCLUSIVE: Only ACE Direct subscribers can apply to client direct contact booking opportunities. Subscribers can contact matching clients via email/telephone and complete the booking directly.

DIRECT HIGHLIGHT: Subscriber quotes are highlighted and displayed above ACE Network member quotes. Clients are shown the highlighted profiles and quotes of matching ACE Direct subscribers first.

DIRECT FEATURE: Subscriber musicians are displayed before ACE Network members on all pages where they perform. Your profile will be seen first by potential clients browsing the musicians on the ACE website.

DIRECT PROMOTION: Active promotion of your profile to clients across popular social networking channels. Potential clients will be able to enquire directly regarding your profile via our social media platforms.

DIRECT ACCESS: Exclusive content to help you get more bookings and be more successful in your music career. Detailed articles offering tips and guides to help you get the most out of your subscription.

How and when do musicians get paid?

ACE Music Booking Agency is a 0% agency fee 0% commission agency. The fee musicians quote is 100% what musicians receive when selected.

ACE clients have two options when selecting how they receive their quotes which affects how payment to musicians are made:

Direct booking requests: ACE Direct subscriber musicians can contact the client directly via email/telephone with their information and quote. The client will pay their chosen musicians directly as quoted and agreed.

Managed booking requests: Musicians provide the client with a quote which is added to their shortlist. When a client accepts a quote they proceed to the booking agreement stage. Here they enter additional details, sign a booking agreement and make a payment into the ACE escrow to secure your services. You will also enter your details and sign a booking agreement. ACE will then contact both parties with confirmation and all the contact details provided. You and the client are free to discuss any additional event details as required. Providing there are no cancellations you’re all set for a fabulous event! Payments to you from the ACE escrow will be released to you as scheduled on the booking agreement.

What types of musicians do you accept?

We have all types of musicians from Jazz Swing to Heavy Metal and from solo musicians to full sized orchestras on our worldwide network!

Can I sign-up multiple different groups?

Yes! It is recommended each unique group is added individually so that they can receive live music booking opportunities which suit and each has a separate website profile with appropriate media and information for clients to view.

Do you get booking requests for ‘Country, Genre, Type, Event’?

We receive live music booking requests all over the world for all genres of live music. Opportunities are for a wide variety of musicians and for all types of events; from weekday retirement home functions and background wedding ceremony events to wedding receptions, parties, festivals, corporate events, cruise-ships and international hotel residencies.

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