Why Choose ACE Music Booking Agency

Active Agency

Unlike musician directory websites, ACE Music Booking Agency knows which musicians within the network are active, and if they are available to provide the live music entertainment for your event, when you need it. Let us know what you have in mind today, we will find the musicians who are presently active and perfectly suitable for your event.

Save Time

You may end up spending hours choosing the musicians, only to discover they are no longer suitable. Many musicians join the music agency websites but never update their listing. They may not be playing those songs anymore, or now have different members (which invalidates any video or audio demo you may have heard). This is a waste of your time, which is why you need an active network of musicians ready and able.

Save Money

Unlike other music booking directory websites, we do not force our musicians to add a commission with the price quote they send to you. This can mean that you pay as much as 30% more for your live music, whereas the same musicians are available at ACE for much less of the cost. We do not charge you or our musicians any commission. We are simply connecting you with the right musicians to fit your budget. For free too!

Request the live music you want to hire

Request the live music you would like to hire

Get direct prices from suitable musicians

Get direct prices from suitable musicians

Hire a great live band, musician or singer

Hire a great live band, musician or singer

Save time & effort and the quotes you receive will be without any added commission or agency fees too!

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