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Celebrity Singers For Hire

To hire a celebrity singer may feel like a difficult task but ACE Music Booking Agency makes it easy! As an worldwide network of experienced music agents we know exactly how to handle the many parts involved in booking a celebrity singer so you can book with confidence. We have celebrity singers for hire covering all musical styles including pop, rock, soul, classical and even world famous hip hop rap MCs.

Hire A Celebrity Singer For Your Event

Do you need a world class celebrity singing entertainer for your corporate event, festival, wedding or important party? ACE Music Booking Agency provides celebrity singers for hire worldwide and for any event. Whether your event calls for an internationally famous chart topping pop star or one of the greatest divas from the 70s, we are happy to help you book the perfect celebrity artist for your event. Nothing shows the premier level of your event like the personal appearance of a world famous star!

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What famous musicians for hire do you offer?

We can offer you hire for any famous musician. From Chart topping divas to well known local celebrity singers.
Being able to hire any famous musician will depend on many factors. The famous musician for hire will not only have a professional calendar of commitments but also personal commitments as well as their own preferences for performing at certain types of events. The proposal and offer for the famous musician is key to successfully securing the talent you want. This is where we can help.

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How does celebrity singer hire work?

The process to hire a celebrity singer is different to hiring other types of music.
Because celebrity singers receive many requests for their services worldwide they firstly need to be sure you are serious about hiring them for your event. In order for the artist management to take your enquiry seriously you need to make a formal offer.
A formal offer is a legally binding document stating the terms and conditions of the hire including the fee. The artist management will review the offer and either accept it, make a counter offer or refuse the offer. If acceptable you will usually be expected to pay a non-refundable deposit to secure the artist which can be up to 50% of the offer fee.
ACE Music Booking Agency understand the many requirements of a formal offer and are happy to help you secure the services of the celebrity your event deserves.

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How much does it cost to hire a celebrity singer?

The costs to hire a celebrity singer varies greatly depending on the celebrity and circumstances of the event. If you are looking to hire a world famous singer currently at the top of charts worldwide you can expect to pay over $1,000,000 and this cost will be before any travel, visa, accommodation, personal and technical rider requirements. For well known celebrities not currently in the public eye the cost is reduced and this can be further reduced if the event is local, either to their base or local in proximity to their current touring schedule. For 'classic' celebrities the amount can be reduced further still.

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How quickly can I hire a celebrity singer for an event?

The process of hiring a celebrity singer can be a difficult process as there are many people and organisations involved not least the celebrity singer management and the singer themselves. This can mean a long drawn-out process taking perhaps week or even months with many communication messages back and forth before any progress can be made. Ultimately this can mean you miss out on the celebrity singer you want. ACE Music Booking Agency understand the process of booking a famous celebrity singer and leave you with the simple task of picking the celebrity!

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Can I hire a celebrity singer for a party?

The short answer is yes! Many celebrity singers perform at private parties. The long answer involves more details regarding the party for example when, where, attendees. Then the particulars regarding the event for example travel, accommodation, visa, technical requirements and of course the celebrity singer fee. There are many more points that need to be discussed which ACE can help you with and once done you'll have a superstar party everyone will remember forever!

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Do you offer celebrity DJs for hire?

A celebrity DJ for hire is a great way to have a world famous celebrity at your event but without many of the technical requirements of a live musician. There are many fantastic celebrities that offer DJ type performances these include radio stars, celebrity singers, fashion icons, models and TV/movie stars.

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How do I book famous singers?

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Tell us the celebrity you would like to hire

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We will help you secure the talent you want

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Have a celebrity perform at your event

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Receive direct quotes from a world class band available to hire. Your act of choice can live wedding bands or saxophone players. Either way the quotes you receive will be direct. And the acts will work with you to make sure your event runs smoothly. Need booking help? No booking is too small. We provide hand picked acts for both corporate functions and pub event. You can check out our frequently asked questions or get in touch with us via live chat or contact form.

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