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Joining the ACE network is FREE and we do not add or take any commission.

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Act Sign Up 2018-2

Please carefully read any notes provided as these will help you to enter your act information correctly in order to best match your act to live music booking requests. Any errors may delay/prevent your act from being added.



Act Sign Up FAQs

How does ACE work for music acts?
Clients contact us looking for music acts, we then match the request with our network of music acts and email the suitable acts with the opportunity. The email contains a link for the music act to apply for the opportunity either directly or via a shortlist. Once the client selects an act the client and act then enter in an engagement agreement themselves.

Joining the ACE Network is FREE and we do not add or take any commission.

How long does it take to join ACE?
We are unable to provide an exact time before your act can be added, due to the large number of music acts we have in our queue from all over the world.

Subscribers to our ACE Direct service take priority and are moved to the top of the queue.

What information do you require?
The ACE Network sign-up requires the following details in order to add you to our network and website:
General: Your name, contact email address and your band/stage name
Media: Online link to your video or audio as well as an image for your website profile
Biography and Repertoire: Information about your act and a song list or summary of material performed
Act: The type of act (covers, originals), the size of your act and the instrument line-up
Music: The genres of music you perform and which of those is your primary genre
Event: The types of events you perform or are willing to perform
Location: Where in the world your act is primarily based
Performance: Where in the world your act performs or wants to perform
Fees: Your minimum performance fee (for 2x60min sets) for your smallest act size (if selected multiple) in your local area
Agreement: Agreement that you have high quality music equipment, performance insurance, agreement with our musicians code of conduct (opens a new tab) and with our terms and conditions (opens a new tab).

Do I need to pay any money?
The ACE Network is free to join with no annual fees.

We do offer an optional subscription package called ACE Direct for ACE Network members. ACE Direct subscription is just £3 ($4/€3.4 approx) a month with no minimum term or cancellation fee and many satisfied ACE Direct subscribers enjoy these benefits:
Direct First: Booking requests are sent to subscribers before ACE network members
Direct Quotation: Subscribers do not use the quotation system to apply for opportunities
Direct Booking: Act page includes a ‘Request a price now!’ link which allows the client to book the act directly
Direct Feature: Subscriber acts are featured on all related pages where they perform
Direct Promotion: We actively promote subscribers to clients via our popular social networking channels
Direct Access: Exclusive content to help you get more gigs and be more successful in your music career

Click here for ACE Direct (opens new tab)

Alternatively ACE Network members can use the per lead quotation system (opens a new tab) to apply for booking opportunities.

What types of music acts do you accept?
We have all types of acts from Jazz Swing to Heavy Metal and from Acapella groups to full sized orchestras on our worldwide network!

Can I sign-up multiple acts?
Yes! We recommend you sign-up each act individually so that they can receive live music booking opportunities which suit and each can have a unique website profile with appropriate media and information for clients to view.

Do you get booking requests for 'Country/Genre/Act Type/Event'?
We receive live music booking requests all over the world for all genres of live music. Opportunities are for a wide variety of acts and for all types of events; from weekday retirement home functions and background wedding ceremony events to wedding receptions, parties, festivals, corporate events, cruise-ships and international hotel residencies.

5 star rating

“Can be tricky working for yourself as a professional musician ACE presents our info in a lovely manner and allows clients to hear our music and book us straight from the page.”

– HotCat | Music act

5 star rating

“Love how ACE emails me with new bookings which fit my act, Makes it easier as we can get straight down to business and secure the booking without any fuss.”

– Payton | Music act

5 star rating

“We’ve managed to get repeat bookings in some fab venues because of ACE. A handy resource for bands like ours that want to stay busy.”

– Rob | Music act

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