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ACE Direct subscription is just £3 ($4 or €3.4 approx) a month with no minimum term or cancellation fee and many satisfied ACE Direct subscribers enjoy these benefits:

  1. Direct First: Booking requests are sent to subscribers before ACE network members
  2. Direct Quotation: Subscribers are not required to use the quotation system (new tab) to apply for booking opportunities
  3. Direct Booking: Act page includes a 'Request a price now!' link which allows the client to book the act directly
  4. Direct Feature: Subscriber acts are featured on all related pages where they perform
  5. Direct Promotion: We actively promote subscribers to clients via our popular social networking channels
  6. Direct Access: Exclusive content to help you get more gigs and be more successful in your music career

Plus! ACE Direct subscribers are given priority so your act will be added fast!

Ready to subscribe to ACE Direct? (please ensure you have completed the ACE Network sign-up first)

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5 star rating

“We've had a great time with Ace Direct. Well worth the money. We've managed to book 3 or 4 gigs through you guys and we've also seen a lot of others that look amazing that we'll definitely apply for once we're free for a long period of time.”

– Foxgloves Duo | Music act

5 star rating

“Thanks for all the hard work you put into providing us work. The ACE Music Agency have been excellent in being a channel to our client base and I wouldn't hesitate to subscribe again”

– HissyFit | Music act

5 star rating

“Can be tricky working for yourself as a professional musician but ACE presents our info in a lovely manner and allows clients to hear our music and book us straight from the page.”

– HotCat | Music act

5 star rating

“Love how ACE emails me with new bookings which fit my act, Makes it easier as we can get straight down to business and secure the booking without any fuss.”

– Payton | Music act

5 star rating

“We’ve managed to get repeat bookings in some fab venues because of ACE. A handy resource for bands like ours that want to stay busy.”

– Rob | Music act

ACE Direct Special Offer

ACE Direct subscription is also currently on special offer for network partners. Get a free month as an ACE Direct subscriber by simply linking your website to ACE Music Booking Agency once you're a member of the ACE network.

ACE Direct partnership code

After you have complete the network sign-up, copy the snippet in the box below and paste the code onto your website in order to receive your free upgraded network membership. This button is best placed in the footer and will look like the button shown here:

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="ACE Music Booking Agency Featured Act"></a>

Tell us your website address once the button is live on your website and we'll upgrade your network membership to ACE Direct subscriber level including all benefits FREE for the first month after which regular subscription will apply unless cancelled. There is no minimum term or cancellation fee.

Ready to subscribe to the ACE Direct Special Offer? (please ensure you have completed the ACE Network sign-up first)

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Alternatively to subscribe without PayPal:

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