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Client Reviews

Event was fantastic. Band were excellent.

Maeve – Birthday Party

Had the most amazing singer (Mike). Everything was perfect and went really well. Professional, fun, great voice and entertaining!! Everyone loved him.
I would definitely recommend him and I will certainly be booking him again in the future. Thank you for making this event as great as you did!

Kellie – Memorial Garden Party

The event went really great and Chris was fantastic!!

Travis – Wedding – Marriage Proposal

Great service. I’m a novice at finding musos so ACE making it easy was a relief.

Stuart – Festival

… and many, many more!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I change my request?

By making changes to your request the musicians that match may change and you may need new quotes. Select Manage and then you can use the Edit your booking request option to make changes to your booking request.

How do I receive my quotes?

Depending on the time of day, your location and the types of music you require it may take 24 hours or more before you receive live music quotes.

Managed booking requests: Select Manage for the booking request on your dashboard and you will be taken to the page for this request including the quotes you have received from suitable available musicians and your request details.

Direct booking requests: Suitable available musicians will contact you directly with their information and quotes via your preferred contact method.

How do I choose the right musicians?

Managed booking requests: Take a closer view, listen to their music and view the About information for the musician(s). Here you can read further information, details about their size and style, the songs they perform and FAQs. You will also see the quote details for the musician(s) to perform your event. To ask a question about a quote from a musician, use the Ask a question about this quote option. Want to remove a quote from your shortlist? No problem, select Decline and remove this quote option.

Direct booking requests: Read the information they provide, listen to their audio/video samples if provided and discuss your booking directly.

How do I make a booking?

Managed booking requests: Choose the Select option for the quote(s) you wish to accept. Then select Accept quote(s) and proceed option to proceed to the booking agreement stage. Here you will enter additional details, for example, the exact location of the event, your ideal arrival time and contact details. Once you sign the agreement the final step is to make payment into the ACE escrow to secure the musician(s) for your date(s).

Direct booking requests: Contact the musicians directly regarding booking your date into their calendar and making payment to them.

What happens after I make a booking?

Managed booking requests: Once the musician(s) have received your booking agreement they will also sign a booking agreement. ACE Music Booking Agency will then contact you and the musician(s) with confirmation and all the contact details provided. You and the musician(s) are free to discuss any additional details. Providing there are no cancellations you are all set for your event or contract and ACE Music Booking Agency will handle the payments to the musician(s).

Direct booking requests: Contact the musician(s) directly to ensure they still have your event in their calendar and to discuss any details.

How can I contact ACE Music Booking Agency?

If you have any problems, questions or need any assistance please feel free to use the Get Help From My Agent option or you can get in touch with us via website live chat or email here. Happy to help!

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