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ACE Network act removal

Use the form below to remove your act from the ACE Network. Your act will no longer receive live music booking enquiries which fit your act sign-up information. A confirmation email will be sent to the act upon removal.

ACE Direct subscription cancellation

Use the form below to unsubscribe from ACE Direct if you have a current subscription. Unsubscribing from ACE Direct and cancelling your subscription will have the following effects:

  1. Live music booking enquiries will not be sent to you before other ACE network members
  2. You will be required to pay the quotation charge in order to apply for booking enquiries
  3. You will not receive live music booking enquiries directly via the 'Book this act' link on your profile page
  4. Your music act will no longer be featured on pages relating to where you perform
  5. We will not actively promote your music act via our social networking channels
  6. You will not receive exclusive content to help you get more gigs and be more successful

Note: It may take up to 48 hours to process your subscription. During this period you may still be charged.

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