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ACE Music Booking Agency makes it easy to hire Motown musicians to perform best ranking live music entertainment. You are welcome to go through the profiles and choose from the local Soul musicians for hire suited for your event .

Small selection of artists are displayed below from soul and Motown musicians available to hire on our vetted musician collective . Looking for something else? Request the type of music you prefer and you can easily find the finest musicians for your function !

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Live Music – Covers of well known songs, Original music

Performs Motown RnB Soul
Singer, Guitar/Entertainer. I play acoustic or with a drum machine and a harmonizer, depending on the song, environment and the audience…

Live Music – Covers of well known songs, Original music

Performs Motown RnB Soul
Studio One type Revival Specialist Singer and Musician Carlton Hunter. Sings live versions of Jamaican Studio One type Reggae Classic’s…

Live Music – Covers of well known songs

Performs Motown RnB Soul
Timeless repertoire through years of performance experience and proudly present it with our own unique, soulful style and energy…

Live Music – Covers of well known songs

Performs Motown RnB Soul
Singer/guitarist, violin and beatbox act. High energy to get everyone up dancing, but can also set the scene for a romantic evening…

Live Music – Covers of well known songs

Performs Motown RnB Soul
Extensive musical catalog ranging from Doo-Wop to the current Top-40’s. We are professional, high energy and we know how to party!…

Live Music – Covers of well known songs, Original music

Performs Motown RnB Soul
Soulful, singer-songwriter and troubadour. Performs blues, southern-soul and alternative covers in addition to his original music…
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Thank you for the shortlist you have provided, it’s been really good variety & excellent acts! Thanks a bunch! Lifesaver!

Husna – Wedding Reception

You did a great job finding a very qualified selection of available bands for my wedding reception.

Louise – Wedding Reception

Took just a few seconds to enter my request and before I knew it I’d booked a superb band. Quite literally ACE!

Sal – Private Event – Function

Only used your service for the first time recently but it saved a lot of effort trying to find the right band for our party.

Chris – Birthday Party

… and many, many more!

Recommended local Soul musicians

With ACE you can find dazzling local Motown and Soul musicians to hire!

Without exception, each live entertainment is significant and there are thousands of Motown RnB Soul musicians to choose from. How can you book the perfect local Soul musician and what can you expect to pay?

There are many essential questions you should ask before booking any Motown musicians. When you place your 'Managed' booking request, you are welcome to use the ACE messaging system on your shortlist. You will receive expert help and support until you are ready to hire unrivaled Soul musical entertainment at suitable costs .

As you would already know, it is important to hire the ideal Soul and RnB musician to get the best out of your hired gig performance. ACE appreciates that not everyone has the time to find the perfect musician locally. This is why we are happy to help you hire great live music from ACE reviewed collective of highest rated Soul and RnB musicians to hire.

ACE Music Booking Agency’s Motown RnB Soul musicians are able to provide unrivaled entertainment. Choose from soul singers to Motown cover bands. All able to deliver a live Motown RnB Soul gig music show entertainment to suit your entertainment needs.

How to hire Motown RnB Soul musicians

It's easy and free to receive quotes from musicians and make a booking for local RnB musicians. Simply place your live music booking request and start receiving quotes for free! Whether you are looking to hire a new original solo musician for a small village pub or a 10 piece Motown “cover” band for a lavish function hall, ACE Music Booking Agency is ready and able to help.

Request the live music you want to hire

Request the live music you would like to hire

Get direct prices from suitable musicians

Get direct prices from suitable musicians

Hire a great live band, musician or singer

Hire a great live band, musician or singer

Save time & effort and the quotes you receive will be without any added commission or agency fees too!

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Entertainment Ideas

Different styles of music to fit your entertainment perfectly

Just let us know what you have in mind and we will help you find the right Motown - Soul - RnB musicians to hire for your event.

There is a wide variety of local Motown bands and musicians available. Also including Motown cover bands, soul bands, R&B singers and funk soul bands. These may be a great fit to hire for your event entertainment. You may also be interested in soul cover bands, R&B bands or Motown singers. For special occasions you can consider expert function bands and singers.

Truth is, there are many types of music artists available. If you let us know what you are looking for, we will be able to help you find suitable Motown RnB Soul musicians.

Hire motown rnb soul musicians

The local musicians can and do perform at many different types of events. The musicians to hire can be as subtle or energetic as you want them to be! The cover musicians play popular covers from famous artists and themes. Interested in original music as well? You can easily select this when placing your booking request! You can also ask the musicians to customise their set-list to fit your event, and they would be happy to help.

It is always best to place your booking request. You can then choose from the live motown musicians available for your particular date. If you let us know about your live music entertainment ideas we can help you find a fantastic musical entertainer for hire.

What next?

As you can see the list of motown rnb soul musicians displayed on this page is only a selection. New motown rnb soul musicians are added on to our website every day. If you haven’t seen what you’re looking for yet, it’s best to place your booking request and we will be in touch shortly. In addition to local motown rnb soul musicians there are also many musicians all around the world that are willing to travel to perform at your event. Most professional motown rnb soul musicians perform nationwide as well as worldwide. Especially if you are considering to offer accommodation with your event, this may even lower their costs for you.

Searching for live entertainment for most event types can be confusing and time wasting. The live musical entertainers you finally decide on elsewhere, may not even be available for your date. We recommend placing your request and receiving direct price quotes from the live Motown music entertainers. The Motown cover musicians available will reserve your date for at least 7 days enabling the time to review, decide and make a booking.

Booking Help and Advice

Help and Advice on Hiring motown rnb soul musicians

See below for frequently asked questions as well as help and advice when booking a motown rnb soul musician. If your question is not displayed below, please feel free to get in touch. Happy to help!

How can I hire a local motown rnb soul musician?

ACE makes it very easy to find the best local motown rnb soul musician. Simply request the type of music you have in mind. Add some information on the event you are planning and ACE will do all the work!

ACE can find you great musicians to choose from for your booking. If you want more control, you are welcome to add more information on your booking request. This can help find exactly what you are looking for.

It is as easy as 1, 2, 3 - you can take control and get the amazing music you need for your event.

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How long do soul motown musicians take to set-up for my event?

Setting up time is based on the number of musicians involved. A solo acoustic musician can be ready within 30 minutes. A singer or small band can take up to an hour. Whereas a 10-piece motown world-class function band for hire, with DJ service set up, may take up to 90 minutes. The time needed is to position the musicians on stage, prepare the equipment and sound-check.

If this is a special event with particular timings, they may need to arrive earlier. It is best to agree with the musician about the time of arrival. This will allow them to prepare for your event. This should ideally be before your guests or patrons arrive.

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I need to cancel or change the musician booking. What should I do?

This is best done direct with live music artist you booked as soon as possible.

You can contact us or the musician for hire you selected for the event. Please ensure you provide the musician with as much notice as possible. They will want to be able to schedule another performance on the cancellation date to avoid any loss of earnings.

When you discuss the terms with your hired musician, please cover the cancellation details. Musicians are human-beings too. Likely they will understand if you have a genuine reason for the cancellation. If you have to change or rearrange the booking, you should contact the musician. Let them know and when you would like them to perform. They may need time to check calendars before confirming the rearrangement.

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What happens if the hired musician cancels the booking?

If a musician cancels, you will need to find a replacement musician as soon as possible. We recommend entering another live music hire request. As we may have many musician available at the last-minute.

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Can I see the musician perform live before booking?

All our musician for hire are active music acts. The musician selected for your booking is very likely to be working in your local area. It may not be the case if they are a high production professional Motown bands and musicians. They may not be able to grant you access for private events. However, if it is a public event, pop along and have a listen.

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Is it possible to pick the songs the musician will perform for my event?

You are welcome to discuss this with the musician you are booking for your event. Some musicians for hire will work very hard on a particular series of songs. They would also link many songs together into a medley. These musicians to hire will have a routine to last the entire evening which they have perfected.

Then it becomes very difficult for them to change the order of songs to include your choice. But, they may still be able to perform a special song for you. Your first dance song for example. Other local motown rnb soul musicians for hire will be happy to play any song you request. Providing you give them enough notice.

Many international motown rnb soul musicians to hire travel the world with over hundreds of songs in their repertoire. They will likely know the songs you like already! In both cases, don't be afraid to ask! It is important you get exactly the music you want at your event.

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How loud will the musician be?

The volume a musician performs is based on the type of instruments involved.

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Will the musicianbe suitable for sound limiters?

Sound limiter is something that should be discussed when booking your musician. Though, many local musicians to hire have experience in working with sound limitations. They will be able to advise in detail.

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Do I need to provide anything for the musicians?

You are welcome to offer your chosen musicians anything included in your event planning. The musicians only need a space to perform and payment for their performance. The space they need is scalable based on the number of musicians in their line-up. The Motown bands and musicians for hire have experience in everything they need and they can tell you in more detail.

The payment should be issued by prior arrangement. This is via a BACS transfer in the week leading up to the event, issued in cash at the end of the performance or payment via cheque.

ACE Music Booking Agency has a "Managed" option. You can choose this for a secure and stress-free booking. ACE will handle communications and booking agreements as well as offering a secure online payment.

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What happens if I have a complaint about the musician?

If you have a complaint this should be raised as soon as possible with the music act themselves. The sooner a musician knows there is an issue the quicker they can rectify the problem if it is within their power to do so. A great way to avoid complaints is to use the ACE Music Booking Agency's Managed booking option.

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How will the musician plan their performance for my event?

Exactly as agreed! The musicians you selected will arrive as agreed, set-up and sound-check. They will then get ready for their performance. Once the music begins the musician you liked and hired for your event will play for the agreed amount of time, taking small break. At the end, they will pack up their equipment, and as agreed with you, accept payment and leave.

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What equipment will the musician provide?

All musicians to hire will supply all the equipment they need to perform. Have particular requests? It is best to discuss these with your hired musician. The local musician for hire will provide a suitable lighting and PA sound system, where needed, and enjoyable live music perfect for your event.

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How much space will the musician need to perform?

Hiring a musician for your available space is very easy. You can tell us about the space you have and we will help you find the best local musicians for hire that are suitable. Don't forget to place your booking request where you can tell us all about your event.

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How long do musicians perform?

As long as agreed! Generally, motown Motown bands and musicians perform in sections of 45 minutes to an hour. This is usually with a small break in-between usually lasting around 15 to 20 minutes. So if you want your musician to perform across 3 hours, they will play for 45 minutes 3 times. Some musicians performing across 2 hours, would play for 45 minutes, take a 15-minute break then play for the whole last hour. There are also musicians that when asked to perform across 3 hours will do that without a break! You can discuss and agree how long you want your musician to perform their music sets and break duration.

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Can I tailor my music act's performance?

The musicians are happy to discuss any ways in which they can perfectly fit your event. For example, to wear themed clothing or to perform a particular genre of songs. You may want particular songs performed at particular times or make announcements. Let the musicians know exactly what you would like to change or add. Especially if you plan to have them swinging from the chandeliers!

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