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Sleek HarmonyPop Rock - Modern

Pop Rock – Modern

When on December 13, 2016 the messaging service of Twitter made the first contact the seed was laid for the project Sleek Harmony…


When on December 13, 2016 the messaging service of Twitter made the first contact between songwriter Héllena from London and the Hague rockband TRES (now called Haags Nachtorkest), the seed was laid for the project Sleek Harmony. A year later two songs are born out of the
digital collaboration.

Although Héllena was very busy at the time with her own music, she was preparing two EPs, she was open to further contact. This first digital line led to the birth of the Sleek Harmony project.

In the period after, there was an exchange of song material, written by Ruud Nannes, the bassist of TRES/Haags Nachtorkest. This rough material was ready but was unsuitable for the band, because the style was very different from the usual guitar rock.

In March 2017, a first rough version of a song Found My Home which had been preceded by a version – in a four quarters beat – in which Héllena sang a melody line without words.

Soon there followed a text and a melody on a second song entitled
Believe in You. With a few small adjustments in the form and the tempo, two songs were created in a short time without any other form of communication being involved than the email.

Then the idea for cooperation had a set back. Both Héllena and Ruud
lacked the time to take the next step: to meet up and record the songs. That moment finally happened in December 2017, almost a year after the first contact.

During a visit to the Netherlands, Héllena and Ruud had the opportunity to plan a recording-date at Studio Labrie in The Hague (Den Haag) at Saturday 2nd December. For both pieces, Found my Home and Believe in You, vocals were sung by Héllena and the guitar part was played by Ruud at the same time to get a live effect as natural as possible. From the beginning of the collaboration it was clear that the music should sound simple and small to evoke a sense of intimacy and closeness.

The Sleek Harmony project is ready to be presented. The first two songs are evidence that online communication via social media between musicians in different countries that do not know each other (yet) can create songs. It will not be a one-off with these two songs: Sleek Harmony will also release new material

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