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Swing – Jazz – Postmodern

Traditional symbol & legend in jazz. For over 30 years at forefront in annual rankings of ‘Jazz Forum’ monthly. One of the best bands…


The Old Timers band is a traditional symbol and legend in Polish jazz.

For over 30 years, he has been at the forefront in the annual rankings of the “Jazz Forum” monthly. He is one of the best bands playing traditional jazz in Europe.

Established in 1965. A year later, he won the first prize in the “Golden Grater” competition, an event accompanying the Jazz Jamboree festival. This result was repeated in two subsequent years, becoming the first to date the only three-time winner of this trophy. The following years are a series of successes. The band gave concerts at many jazz festivals in Europe.

Musical achievement is the recording of a dozen or so records, hundreds of concerts, television and radio appearances. There is no country in Europe where Old Timers would not be performing.

In 1975, the band was awarded the Golden Record of Polish Recordings for the album “Old Times with Sandy Brown”. In 1980, the band made several months of touring the countries of the former USSR under the name Jazz Star and participated in the Jazz Yatra festival in Mumbai and Calcutta. The consistently high artistic level resulted in joint performances and recordings with numerous traditional jazz stars, including Sandy Brown, Beryl Bryden, Buck Clayton, Wild Bill Davis, Jack Dupree Champion, All Gray, Joe Newman, Albert Nicholas, Benny Waters and others. Apart from stage performances, one should also mention the music recorded by the band for such feature films as “Jest Jazz”, Vabank “or” Seksmisja. “He also participated in the production of” Three-Penny Opera “in the Warsaw Ateneum Theater and in numerous television programs. the band’s concert has been a great success to date, as evidenced by the performances at jazz festivals in Dresden (Germany), BanskA¡ Bystrica (Slovakia), Salgotarian (Hungary) in 2005. In April 2006, the band recorded the album Swing That Music, which was attached to the November issue of “Jazz Forum” The recording gathered many excellent reviews.In the survey of readers of “Jazz Forum” Old Timers was recognized as the best band of traditional jazz in the country.In over 50 years of musical activity the composition of the band has changed, but always members of the group were and there are musicians representing the highest level of performance.

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