M.O.K. One Man Band

M.O.K. One Man BandCaribbean - Calypso

Caribbean – Calypso

M.O.K The One Man Band. Experienced Keyboard player & singer. He has played in many different scenes of the music world. Performing pop, Caribbean, jazz…


A very experienced keyboardist / pianist and singer.
Able to provide a great live music entertainment in variety for formats. Including the styles of Bollywood, Caribbean, Jazz, Latin, Pop and Reggae.

Arnold Sardjoe, alias M.O.K. began at the age of 12 with keyboard lessons at the Center for Artistic Education in Oss. In a short time it was already discovered that in the young M.O.K. a true keyboardist was tucked away.

There are 4 diplomas available for keyboard playing at the CKV, with an average of 8 years. But the young artist was so driven that he already at 16 years of age all four diplomas have managed to achieve and that also Cumlaude!

He began singing shortly after obtaining his diplomas. He participated in talent shows and has even won several times.
As he grew older and began to develop more and more as a producer and musician, the more his passion for singing grew.
What ensured that he was backing vocalist for various CD projects.

How M.O.K. got his name?
Meanwhile M.O.K. a very experienced Keyboard player and singer. He has played in many different scenes of the music world.
He is certainly no stranger to the Hindustani music scene to the Reggae scene.

With the band Reinforcement he has been in several programs for many great artists, including Gyptian and Richi Spice. And in this scene he also has his name M.O.K. to thank. International reggae musicians were so impressed by his musical interpactions that they were said; “You are born with the keys, man.” And so Arnold Sardjoe was “baptized” into Master Of Keyz (M.O.K)

What M.O.K. all does?
In recent years, M.O.K. behind closed doors worked together with different artists with which he has produced his own songs, and he also works on his own solo songs.

The motto and purpose of M.O.K.?
“Music and rythm find their way into the” secret places of the soul “… All we want is to keep your soul touched by a beautiful song every day!

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