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WAre you searching for the best care home entertainment to entertain your residents? You can hire the best retirement - nursing - care home entertainment with ease and peace of mind. Choose from live music bands, musicians and singers to suit your event. ACE Music Booking Agency provides a 0% agency fee and 0% commission service to find great live music for care homes.

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See below for answers to many of the most common band hire questions:





How do I hire a care home entertainment band?

It's easy to make a booking. Let us know the type of music you have in mind. Add some information on the event you are planning and we'll do all the work!

We only need a few essential bits of information. These include the music type you would prefer to hear and the event location. If you are not sure of the timings you can provide us with the rough timings. Such as when your guests will be arriving and when the event will finish. If you know about the space you have for the band or singer this might help choosing the size. For example, if it is a small marquee, a solo musician or a band with up to 4 members might suit better. If you want more control, you can use the Additional Details section to add more information.

Once completed, press the 'Set us to work!' button and we'll search our network for the right bands for hire which matches your request. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3 or you can take control and get exactly the music you need for your event.

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    How long do bands need to set-up?

    The time it takes for a music group to set-up also varies depending on the amount of musicians involved. A solo violinist can be ready in just a few minutes. Whereas 10-piece bands may need an hour to 90 minutes. This is to position all the musicians on the stage, prepare the equipment and conduct a sound-check. In either case, it is best to agree with the bands on the time of arrival. This will allow for them to prepare for your event . This should ideally be before your guests or patrons arrive.

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    I need to cancel or re-arrange a booking, what do I do?

    If you need to cancel a booking this is best done directly with the chosen artist as soon as possible. Simply contact the band selected for the event and explain the cancellation. Simply changing your mind is not usually a good enough reason to cancel! Please ensure you provide the musicians with as much notice as possible. As without it, they will not be able to schedule another performance on the cancellation date. This may lead to a loss of earnings for them.

    When discussing the terms of the booking with your musicians, please discuss what will happen on cancellation. Musicians are human-beings too. So likely they will understand if you have a genuine reason for the cancellation. If you need to re-arrange a booking you should contact them. Let them know why and when you would like them to perform. They may need time to check their calendar before they can confirm the re-arrangement.

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    What if the band cancels?

    If a musician cancels you will need to find a replacement as soon as possible. We recommend entering another live music hire form. As we may have many bands, singers and musicians available at the last minute. You should then decide the impact of the cancellation. If the cancellation has not allowed enough time to find a replacement you may incur a loss. This should be cross-referenced with the agreement with the band.

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    Can I see the bands performing live before hiring?

    Of course! All of our artists are active musicians. The band selected for your engagement is very likely working in your local area. Many musicians have websites which they can direct you to. These will usually include a list of the dates they are playing and where. Provided it's a public event simply pop along and have a listen. If you like what you hear don't forget to introduce yourselves. And let them know you discovered them via the ACE Music Booking Agency website. You can also discuss a pre-booking viewing when you discuss your booking with the bands. As they are keen to secure the booking they will be happy to let you know when you can see them play to discuss your event.

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    Is it possible to pick the songs the bands will perform?

    Choosing which songs to perform depends a great deal on the type of band you are booking. Some bands will work very hard on a particular series of songs. They sometimes link a number of songs together into a medley. They are likely to have a perfected routine to last the entire evening. In this case it is very difficult for them to change the order of songs to include your choice. However they may still be able to perform a special song for you, a first dance for example. Other bands will happily play any song you request providing you give them enough notice to learn.

    Many international party bands to hire travel the world with over 300 songs. They will likely know the songs you like already! In both cases, don't be afraid to ask! It is important you get exactly the music you want.

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    Will the bands learn a song request?

    Yes. Or at least they should! In the many years of operating as a professional agency we never came across a music artist that will not happily learn a song requested in advance. But, you may need to bear in mind the type of song you have requested and style of the band you chose. Some bands may not fit the instrumentation and music style. They simply may not be able to accurately represent the song you chose. For example choosing a hip-hop multi vocal song for a solo cello player! It could be better having the band play the official MP3 version through their PA system instead.

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    How loud will the care home musicians be?

    The volume the band performs at will depend in the most part on the type of instruments involved. Particularly un-amplified instruments like drums and brass which have a set volume level. Amplified instruments will then be required to set their volume levels appropriately. This is to musically blend together. If you have chosen a band that is entirely amplified (a band using backing tracks for example) then their volume can be set at the lowest level at which they can perform.

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    Will the bands be suitable for sound limiters?

    This will depend on the level of the sound limiter and the type of band selected. If there is a sound limiter this is something that will need to be discussed when you hire a care home entertainment band. If you are unsure then it is best to choose a band which is entirely amplified. As the sound produced will be more controllable than a fully live band. Which has un-amplified instruments, drums for example. Many bands are experienced in working with sound limitations and will be able to tell if it will be an issue.

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    Do I need to provide anything for the musicians?

    You will only need to provide a space in which to perform and payment. The space they need will depend on the size of the band you hire. This can vary from as little as 2 meters to as much as an orchestra pit! The bands themselves will be experienced in the amount of space the band needs and will be able to tell you. The payment for the engagement should be issued by prior arrangement. This is usually via a BACS in the week leading up to the event, in cash at the end of the performance or payment via cheque.

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    What if I have a complaint about the hired band?

    If you have a complaint this should be raised as soon as possible with the band themselves. The sooner a band knows there is an issue the quicker they can rectify the problem if it is within their power to do so. A great way to avoid complaints is to agree upon your terms, before the performance. For example, when the band should arrive, set-up, play, break, finish as well as agreement on cancellations and payments.

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    How will the bands plan my event's performance?

    Exactly what you want them to as agreed! This usually takes the form of their arrival before the event to set-up and sound-check. Then, they will likely make themselves scarce or get changed into their performance costumes. Once the music begins the band you have chosen will perform the type of music you heard from the examples. They will play for the agreed amount of time, usually taking small break in-between sets. At the end, they will pack up their equipment and, depending on what you agreed with them, accept payment and leave.

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    What equipment will the band provide?

    The band will supply all the equipment they need to perform at your venue. If you have any particular equipment requests (laser lights for example!) then please discuss these with the band hired beforehand. Likely the band will provide all necessary equipment. For example, a suitable lighting system and PA system supporting their amplification needs. Not to forget, enough great songs to entertain everyone in attendance!

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    Will the bands need a lot of space?

    The amount of space the bands will need to set-up varies greatly with size. Depending on whether you're looking for a 2-piece band or larger bands. Smaller bands will only need a couple of square metres and a plug socket to perform. Whereas a 10 piece band will be best suited to a stage area which is usually much larger and elevated. These bands may need extra sockets. This is for the amount of musical equipment they will supply to your event. When you hire a care home entertainment band please discuss the space your band needs before the booking.

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    How long is the band's performance?

    As long as you need it to be! Generally, bands perform in sections of 45 minutes to an hour. Taking a small break in-between, usually for 15 to 20 minutes. So if you need your band to perform across a 3 hour time it is quite likely the band will play for 45 minutes 3 times. Some bands performing across 2 hours are likely to have 2 sections. For example, play for 45 minutes, take a 15 minute break then play for the whole last hour. There's also bands that when asked to perform across 3 hours will do just that without a break! Just remember to discuss and agree exactly how long you want your band to perform. Including what length their sets of music will be and how long their breaks will be.

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    Can I customise my band’s performance?

    That will depend on how exactly you want to customise the band’s show! Many bands are happy to discuss any ways in which they can perfectly fit your event. For example to wear themed clothing or to perform a particular genre of songs. You may also want particular songs performed at particular times or make announcements. Just let the band know exactly what you would like to customise. Especially if you plan to have them swinging from the chandeliers!

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    How much will it cost to hire a care home entertainment band?

    This will obviously depend on the bands in the area and what your budget may be. It also matters for how long you want the band to perform at your event and if there are any extra requirements. You can stipulate these on your band booking enquiry form. A local solo musician can be available from as little as sixty pounds. Whereas a world class 10 piece wedding band can command thousands. ACE Music Booking Agency will find bands which fit your budget. If you entered your budget you can rest assured you will be able to afford the musicians we find.

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    What happens if a member of the band is ill?

    Illness is something all musicians for hire should be prepared for. It usually means another musician (a deputy also known as a 'dep') stepping in. This is in order to still perform the engagement. The deputy musician will be well versed in the music that the musician performs and you will be unlikely to hear any difference. Although they may appear different. If the act hasn't prepared a deputy in case of illness or the deputy is not available then they may have to either cancel the performance. You will need to agree with the band what happens in-case of illness before confirming the booking.

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    What size of band should I hire?

    The size of band you want! You should bear in mind your event and the space at your venue when you hire a care home entertainment band. If you are having a party for friends in a small garden then a smaller band or a solo singer would be a good choice. But, if you've hired a large hall with a big stage area then large function bands would be a better choice to fill the hall with sound.

    Just let us know on the band hire form the size of band you prefer and we'll find it for you. If you're not sure or have no preference on the band size then feel free to select all types. And we'll supply you with the best bands of many different sizes to choose from.

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    Do all care home entertainment bands perform live?

    The musicians will perform live but not all shows are completely live. Some bands will use musical backing tracks. This is to perform with a larger sound than the number of band members involved. For example a soloist may use a backing track accompaniment. If you have a preference then please discuss this with the band. As they would rather perform to their greatest potential. Even world famous music artists use backing tracks!

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    Can care home musicians play different styles of music?

    Some bands can perform music across many genres and decades. Whereas other prefer to focus their band on a particular genre. To our experience, party bands that can play multiple styles of music are perfect choices. As these are the events where there is a mixed age of audience, for example at a birthday party. If you want your band to perform different styles then simply select the genres you prefer on your form.

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    What are the power requirements for the band for hire?

    For some bands no power at all is necessary. A string quartet does not need any power and are a great choice for venues where there are not any power outlets. Small bands will usually only need one or two power sockets. Depending on the type of instruments they play or equipment they use. Whereas larger bands can need many power options. This is to set-up in their correct configuration. When you hire a care home entertainment band please ensure you discuss the power requirements.

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    Do musicians have performance insurance and electrical testing certificate?

    Yes (if they are using any electrical equipment) and yes! Every musician for hire on the ACE Music Booking Agency network needs to comply with both. This ensures that the band you choose to hire will be legally able to perform at your venue without issue. The musicians on our network cannot join without confirming both of these points. Although you may still need to check that their certifications are still valid for the date of performance.

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    How do I make a booking?

    Simply tell us what you have in mind and receive direct prices from great musicians.

  • Some useful information to help you when booking bands, musicians and singers



    Entertainment ideas

    Live music can be as entertaining as you want it to be. For example, you could have your entertainment agency to find an act to fit the theme of your event. They would perform music from a particular era and dress the part to really get your party started. Another idea would be to hire tribute artists as live entertainment. Why not represent the music of your favourite artists at your event. If your function is a garden party, a string quartet playing in the background as your guests mingle would be delightful. Maybe you want your live music to fit all ages attending your event by playing set lists from 60's to the present day. We have many more ideas, just get in touch and we'll help you book a night to remember.

    More entertainment ideas

    You can choose different styles of live performance acts to fit your event perfectly. Just let us know what you have in mind and we will help you find the right act. Types of bands available include, rock pop bands, indie rock bands, world music acts, mariachi bands, live lounge style bands or electric violinists. These may be a great fit for corporate event entertainment, weddings and functions. Or maybe you're more interested in wedding ceremony musicians. Such as opera singers, classical guitarists, salsa bands and solo duos for your special day.

    Truth is, there are many different types of acts available to hire. Maybe have rock pop function bands perform dance floor filling energetic songs. This could bring your private party to life. Looking for subtle wedding entertainers for your live music? Why not hire classical guitarists or solo duos to bring a classy atmosphere. Or are you more interested in barn dance bands? It's best to send your live music booking request to be able to choose from live bands available for your particular date. If you tell us about your live music entertainment ideas we can help you find the perfect band to hire.

    Live Party Music

    For your party entertainment event bands may be a great choice. As they will fill dance floors with lively sets of chart hits. For example a drinks reception, corporate event and private party. These include funk bands, motown bands, jazz bands, ceilidh bands, swing bands, steel bands and rat packs. Tribute acts such as Stevie Wonder or Michael Jackson tributes are also a great choice for evening entertainment.

    Live party bands would be what your party needs. Bands and musicians perform different types of music. Their recommendation from another client may be for a young couple's engagement party. This doesn't mean they would be the perfect professional party band for your event. The similar situation applies for a 65th birthday. But, the ultimate function bands may charge above your budget.

    You can hire live party bands for your party. Including any engagement party, Christmas party or anniversary parties. Especially a pop and rock band for parties can bring a fun high energy.

    Whether it's a live function band based in your area or a professional party band, start receiving quotes now. It is best to receive quotes from a party band available in your area to discuss.

    Please feel free to send your enquiry with your event location and we will find your perfect act. Whether you're looking for 60s rock bands, Christmas entertainers or live wedding music acts.

    Corporate Entertainment

    Booking live music entertainment for corporate parties is no different to other events. Please make sure you have provided us with as much information as possible. This includes the age range of the audience. By knowing this your function band would know if it's appropriate to perform any pop chart hits or not.

    Your corporate event entertainment may be needing a live band for events and functions. Booking corporate party entertainment can be for various reasons. From Christmas parties to Great Gatsby themed corporate party entertainment. Corporate bands can perform different styles of music. This can be pop and rock acts or professional country bands.

    We are sure to help you with booking corporate party entertainment. From singing waiters or corporate event bands performing current chart songs to Gatsby themed jazz bands. You can tell us if you want to receive quotes from acts with female vocals or from Christmas bands.

    Live Wedding & Event Music

    Event entertainment acts to hire include pop function bands for hire for weddings and functions. (Including drinks receptions.) These types of acts can also perform at any corporate event, private party or charity event. Bands play popular covers or rock covers from famous bands and themes. Such as, Bruno Mars, James Bond, Stevie Wonder, Dire Straits, Lady Gaga. You can offer to customise the set-list the band performs to fit your event.

    Receive direct quotes from a world class band available to hire. Your act of choice can live wedding bands or saxophone players. Either way the quotes you receive will be direct. And the acts will work with you to make sure your event runs smoothly.

    Live Wedding Ceremony Music

    For your wedding ceremony you could consider wedding entertainers and live musicians that provide background music. These include world music acts, live lounge style bands, classical musicians, acoustic bands and acoustic duos.

    Live wedding bands, wedding singers and event entertainment acts can be subtle and energetic as you need. You may want to choose from wedding ceremony musicians and solo duos for your special day. A mariachi band or a band offering evening entertainment with a set list of pop songs is more suitable. It might just be a tribute act of chart hits from artists like Bruno Mars .

    If you're planning to have live wedding ceremony music, get some quotes and ask questions to the acts. Your wedding ceremony musician cost may lower if you engage in a conversation. Make sure to include any extra and useful information. Have you included your entire event's timing instead of only live music performance? The band's quote may include a live performance for 5 hours. Whereas you may only need the live music for 2 lots of 30 minutes.

    Wedding Reception Entertainment

    There are plenty wedding entertainment ideas. But your wedding reception entertainment needs to fit your unique wedding. You thought about wedding musicians and function bands for weddings. What does your evening entertainment really need?

    Live wedding bands are popular when it comes to reception entertainment. But, a wedding band for hire may perform many different styles of music. From roaming bands to soul bands or singing waiters. Some use the term 'dance bands' for wedding music bands. If it's not the type of music you like, there may not be any dancing. So, how do you choose the music for your wedding?

    Perfect weddings do not come with a manual full of wedding entertainment ideas. It's your and your guests' unique wedding entertainment. It should be what you want it to be. If you want your wedding band for hire to perform indie rock you should include this in your enquiry. Don't hesitate to tell us if you're not happy to consider any 70's disco karaoke classics. The more details you give on your enquiry, the better quotes you will receive.

    If cost is a major consideration, you may want to tell us you would be interested in local wedding bands. Both local wedding bands and professional wedding music bands are experienced. So, don't hesitate to request some evening reception ideas along with your quote. They can provide different prices for different performance lengths. This may help you plan the timings for the evening.

    Wedding musicians have experience in performing at different sections of a wedding. This may mean that the same band can perform a different set list for wedding breakfasts. This can lower the costs if you were considering a separate act for the breakfast.

    Planning Your Wedding Music

    Choosing your wedding music can seem overwhelming. This depends on your reception music and ceremony music ideas. You want to be choosing the perfect wedding ceremony music and wedding reception music. Both brides and grooms want the best for their wedding day. So how do you start planning the music for your wedding?

    We admit, wedding planning is hectic and there isn't an ultimate guide. Yet, your ultimate wedding happens when you're choosing the perfect elements that suit you. Live music entertainment for your wedding day is no different. It needs to be the wedding ceremony music you like. It needs to be the wedding reception music you like. But when everything gets too hectic, how do you remember what you like?

    This is similar to being asked what your favourite song is after a busy day. It takes time to gather your thoughts. That's why we're here to help. Whether it's a bridal party or civil ceremony the more information you give us the better our acts can help you. For example, you can ask for guidance in the 'Additional Information' section. This could be about ceremony music ideas or wedding song suggestions. ACE acts are experienced and happy to give brides and grooms wedding ideas on ceremony songs too.

    Wedding Musician Cost

    One of the questions arise would be the wedding ceremony musician cost. This would depend on what you want from your live wedding ceremony entertainment. Costs might be average if you're booking a professional classical music artist performing during signing of the register. This would be true for other solo acts such as singer guitarists and opera singers. You may want to book a string trio or gospel choir to perform while the bride's walking down the aisle. Although, the cost may increase here as there will be more musicians. Wedding breakfasts would have similar booking details.

    The "Wedding Guides"

    One thing to remember is that YOU are the ultimate wedding's ultimate guide. It's your civil ceremony, bridal party and it's your wedding song. You will be walking down the aisle. If you want a Caribbean beach vibe a steel band would be perfect. Another idea would favour a gospel choir for a church ceremony. Don't hesitate to ask for wedding ideas from a band available to hire. Don't have wedding planning tools to make decisions for you and have you pay more for things you don't want.

    Short and Long Term Hotel Contracts

    We have a great number of professional bands and musicians experienced in hotel residencies. Their experience includes up to 12 month residency at 5 star hotels in United Arab Emirates. Acts vary from rat packs to hip hop and classic rock bands. All contracts typically include cover for air tickets, visa, accommodation and food. Please make sure to include all contract details in your enquiry to receive contact from suitable acts.

    Please feel free to send your enquiry with your contract details and we will find your perfect act. Whether you're looking for hi tech duos, lounge pianists or live party music acts.

    Example contract details: 6 month residency. 5 star hotel in United Arab Emirates. Hi-tech duo with pop/rock repertoire. 3000 USD per person per month with all air tickets, visa, accommodation and food included.

    Need booking help? No booking is too small. We provide hand picked acts for both corporate functions and pub event. You can check out our frequently asked questions or get in touch with us via live chat or contact form.



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    Specific hire requests

    If you know exactly the type of music you want to book at your event then we're happy to help. You don't always have to book the same pop bands. You may be more interested in modern day music or perhaps rock covers bands. By entering your information into the enquiry form we can refine the acts we find. Also, if you have a specific request, simply use the 'Any other info?' box on the enquiry form and tell us any thoughts you have and we'll suggest some fantastic musicians to fill your dance floor.

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    Difference between tribute and cover?

    The difference between a tribute act and a cover band is the type of music they play. A tribute act usually performs songs from a particular famous artist. Or they only perform music in a particular era or theme. Most cover bands play music from a wide variety of famous artists that can span many decades.

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    Why should I book live music for my event?

    Live music is a great way to add an extra special touch to any event or function. There is nothing quite like a live music act to bring an event to life. A great music group responds to the mood to deliver a fantastic entertainment. When you book live music you know you're hiring musicians that perfected their craft. They perform songs in such a way that will never be exactly the same again. This means every event with a live music act is completely unique for your special occasion.

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    Instrument types

    There are many different music instruments you can book for an event, function or wedding party. The most common type of instrument across almost all music acts is the guitar. (Either acoustic or electric.) This is often accompanied by a vocalist. (The voice itself being an instrument too of course!) Sometimes the guitarist sings as well or includes a separate singer. Next we have percussion usually from a drummer using a kit. But, recently percussion has also been provided by a cajon which is a wooden acoustic box. Most music acts performing at events and functions may also have a keyboardist and a bass guitarist. There are other instruments which are great in a live music environment. For example violins, cellos and flutes are fantastic to get your garden party started. Whereas saxophone and trumpet can make for a big sound combined with other musicians.

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    Music hire questions

    When you book live music it is important that you and the music act agree all the details relating to the event. This will need to cover a wide range of information. From when they are to arrive, what to wear and the music to play. It should also include cancellation and payment matters amongst many other factors. Some of the questions you should ask them:

    • How much space do you need?
    • What are the power requirements?
    • How much is your booking fee for events similar to mine?
    • How long will you play for?
    • How many sets of music will you play?
    • Do you perform lively sets?
    • How many breaks will you have and for how long?
    • Do you have valid electrical testing certificates?
    • Do you have valid live performance insurance?
    • What time will you arrive?
    • What happens if I cancel your act?

    It can be difficult to ensure you have covered everything. To make things easier you can download our Booking Engagement Agreement Form. This covers all these points and more to use when you book an act. Download here.

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    Live music hire cost

    The cost depends on a few factors. Including your requirements, performance timings, quality of the act and the number of musicians you book. Below is a guide for average costings for live music acts. These are based on a 2x45 minute sets. Many music acts will play for 3x45 minute sets. Including function and the perfect bands to hire for weddings. And others perform sets of 60 minutes in duration. The quotes per individual act can be lower or higher than approximate hire rates given below. By stating your budget we can help you book musicians, bands and entertainers for your event at the right price. For example, a guitar and vocal duo would cost less than hiring a big band. The rates were estimated based on average local base fees for not well-known acts who perform covers and/or original music. This is not considering any extra requirements or special events.

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    Live music booking areas

    Below is a list of locations we cover currently for booking live music. ACE Music Booking Agency is sure to have a great local act on our network. And all acts are ready and willing to perform at your event. A large number of our music acts perform not only in the location they are based but also in the surrounding areas. This means our acts can provide music hire without extra travelling expenses.

    England, UK

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    Popular music hire types

    Music has many different genres as shown below. We have music acts for hire able to perform in the style of your choosing on our network. From Folk to Rock and from Classical or Country Music to Metal. We have musicians in all types of genres. There are also a large number of sub-genres. Just let us know on your enquiry and we'll find an act to suit. From background music Jazz guitarists to party bands. Many music groups can entertain for an entire evening in a particular decade. This is a great choice for birthday parties when you want to go back in time!

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    Popular instruments

    ACE Music Booking Agency does not limit the musicians in our network to be a one type of act. (Not only rock pop cover bands.) So, if you'd like to hear a live saxophone, xylophone or mandolin at your event. And you can easily book them for your live entertainment. Whether your special occasion's dance floor calls for a:
    Solo guitarist, Jazz band, cocktail pianist, acoustic band, flute duo, string quartet, mariachi band, medieval minstrels, Irish folk band, Celtic harpist, Ceilidh band, mainstream party band, swing band, acoustic duo with guitar and vocals or a solo singer,
    simply let us know and we will help you choose the right act. Some popular instruments performed by our acts include:

    • Accordion
    • Acoustic Guitar
    • Backing Tracks
    • Backing Vocals
    • Bagpipe
    • Banjo
    • Bass Guitar
    • Cello
    • Clarinet
    • Double Bass
    • Drums
    • Electric Guitar
    • Female Lead Vocals
    • Fiddle - Violin
    • Flute
    • French Horn
    • Harmonica
    • Harp
    • Keyboard - Piano
    • Male Lead Vocals
    • Percussion
    • Saxophone
    • Traditional – Historical Instruments
    • Trombone
    • Trumpet
    • Ukulele
    • Viola
    • Violin
    • Xylophone

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    Common event types

    There are many different event types for which you can book live music. Below we have listed many of the most common but we've provided musicians and groups for many more besides. You can hire live music for every type of event. From pubs and clubs to restaurants and cafes through to special events. For example corporate entertainment or Christmas and New Years Eve. We also provide live wedding music for your special day. Both the ceremony sections, drinks reception and the evening reception/wedding party.

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    Musicians code of conduct

    To sign-up to the ACE network every music act has agreed to the following code of conduct linked below:

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    Privacy Policy

    The ACE Music Booking Agency privacy policy is linked below:

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    Worldwide selection of bands and musicians performing at care homes

    Scott & The Explorers (Jazz Band) | 4 Piece Band | Kent | Jazz - Swing

    Scott & The Explorers

    Experienced jazz quartet, playing tunes from 20’s to modern day in a jazz, swing, latin or funk style. Show full of style, sophistication and charisma …
    View Profile
    Scarlett Neville (Singer Pianist) | Solo Musician, Singer | London | Pop - Chart

    Scarlett Neville

    Covers of soft pop, romantic folk and classical music, occasionally motown and soul, depending on the venue. I play either with tracks or with piano …
    View Profile
    Abba Stars UK | 2 - 5 Piece Band | London | Tribute

    Abba Stars UK

    Featuring incredibly talented singers & musicians they offer one of the most captivating and authentic tributes to one of the greatest bands of all time …
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    Tania Rodd’s Diner Days | Solo Singer | West Sussex | 1950s

    Tania Rodd’s Diner Days

    50s / 60s vintage singer for hire. Appeared in The West End, across the UK, Europe & the USA musicals & concerts. Also playing flute, clarinet, saxophone …
    View Profile
    Angel From Montgomery (Bonnie Raitt Tribute) | 5 Piece Band | California

    Angel From Montgomery (Bonnie Raitt Tribute)

    Everyone knows and loves Bonnies songs and Angel From Montgomery Bonnie Raitt Tribute offers you an act that is different and people will come to see …
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    Carla V | Solo Musician - 8+ Piece Band | New Jersey | Pop - Chart

    Carla V

    Carla Virola Band led by the Diva – Carla V. Performing her original music as well as many different music genres Pop, Spanish, Italian and Dance …