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Stacey Mogg | Solo Singer - 7 Piece Band | Hampshire | Pop - Chart

Stacey Mogg

Solo singer performing all genres of music from mellow sounds of Ella Fitzgerald, Norah Jones to motown, 80's, modern day dance music! ...
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Zero City | 4 Piece Band | London | Classic Rock

Zero City

Zero City are a 4 Piece rock cover band performing Classic Rock, pop rock and hard rock songs through the decades. Pumping out 100% ROCK-SOLID ROCK ...
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Sam (Singing Waiter/Chef) | Solo Singer | West Yorkshire | Pop - Chart

Sam (Singing Waiter/Chef)

Specialises in getting a party started, getting people on their feet and having a crowd in tears of laughter or love. Surprise your guests or loved ones ...
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Sweet Music | 8 Piece and Larger Bands | Berkshire | Soul – R&B

Sweet Music

Ten-piece party & function band guaranteeing to get every tailfeather shakin' by playing a mix of tunes from dance floor classics to modern day hits ...
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Rhythm Bandits | 2 - 5 Piece Band | London | Acoustic

Rhythm Bandits

Rhythm Bandits perform a wide range of songs making us versatile & able to play at any event. Available as acoustic duo, trio & full band upon request ...
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The Geoff Everett Band (3 to 6 Piece Rhythm and Blues Band) | Kent

The Geoff Everett Band

3 to 6 Piece Rhythm and Blues Band that is in popular demand. Performing rhythm & blues, blues / rock standards with original feel as well as original ...
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Featured Acts Performing in Enfield, London

Booking Help and Advice

Help and Advice When You Hire Bands, Musicians and Singers in Enfield

See below for some answers to frequently asked questions when booking live music. If your question is not displayed below, please feel free to get in touch with us via live chat or contact form. Happy to help!

"How can I book a band or musician?"

It's easy to hire a band, musician or singer. Let us know the type of music you have in mind. Add some information on the event you are planning and we'll do all the work! We can find you great bands and musicians for your booking. If you want more control you can add more information. This can help us find exactly what you are looking for. For example, the size of the band you prefer or the venue permits. Or the genre of music you'd like (for example Rock, Pop, the '60s). The type of event (if you're planning a wedding reception we can find you expert wedding bands). Your budget (this will ensure only music acts within your price range will apply). Any other info which you feel may help. For example, tell us it's for a 75th birthday party we can find you some great classic bands for hire to get the night swinging! Once completed, press the 'Set us to work!' button and we'll search our network for the right music acts for hire which matches your request. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3 or you can take control and get exactly the music you need for your event.

"How long do musicians for hire take to set-up?"

Setting up time varies depending on the number of musicians involved. A solo violinist can be ready in a few minutes. A solo singer or duo may need 30 minutes to an hour. Whereas a 10-piece function band for hire may take an hour to 90 minutes. This is to position the musicians on stage, prepare the equipment and sound-check. If this is a wedding or a private event, they may need to arrive earlier. In either case, it is best to agree with the bands about the time of arrival. This will allow them to prepare for your event. This should ideally be before your guests or patrons arrive.

"I need to cancel or re-arrange a musician or band booked, what do I do?"

This is best done direct with the chosen live music artist as soon as possible. You can contact the band, musician or singer for hire you selected for the event. Simply changing your mind is not usually a good enough reason to cancel! Please ensure you provide the music acts with as much notice as possible. They may not be able to schedule another performance on the cancellation date. This could lead to a loss of earnings for them.
When you discuss the terms with your music act please cover the cancellation details. Musicians and bands are human-beings too. Likely they will understand if you have a genuine reason for the cancellation. If you have to re-arrange an engagement you should contact the band or musician. Let them know and when you would like them to perform. They may need time to check their calendar (or many calendars if there are many musicians in the band!) before they can confirm the re-arrangement.

"What if the musician/band cancels?"

If a music act cancels you will need to find a replacement band, singer or musician as soon as possible. We recommend entering another live music hire form. As we may have many bands, singers and musicians available at the last minute. You should then decide the impact of the cancellation. If the cancellation has not allowed enough time to find a replacement you may incur a loss. This should be cross-referenced with the agreement with the band, singer or musician. You can download a live music hire Engagement Agreement document to use when you book a band or musician.

"Can I see the musicians perform live before booking?"

Of course! All our musicians, singers and bands for hire are active acts. The band selected for your engagement is very likely to be working in your local area. It may not be the case if they a high production tribute band. But, many bands and musicians have websites which they can direct you to. They will usually include a list of the dates they are playing and where. Provided it's a public event, pop along and have a listen. If you like what you hear don't forget to introduce yourselves. Let them know you discovered them via the ACE Music Booking Agency website. You can also discuss a pre-booking viewing when you discuss your booking with the bands. They will be very happy to let you know when you can see them play and to discuss your booking in detail.

"Is it possible to pick the songs the musicians will perform?"

Choosing which songs to perform depends a great deal on the type of band, singer or musician you are booking. Some bands for hire will work very hard on a particular series of songs. Sometimes linking many songs together into a medley. They will be likely to have a routine to last the entire evening which they have perfected. In this case, it is very difficult for them to change the order of songs to include your choice. But, they may still be able to perform a special song for you. Your first dance song for example. Other bands or singers for hire will be happy to play any song you request. Providing you give them enough notice to learn them.
Many international musicians, singers and bands to hire travel the world with over 300 songs in their repertoire. They will likely know the songs you like already! In both cases, don't be afraid to ask! It is important you get exactly the music you want at your event.

"Will the wedding band for hire learn a first dance song request?"

Yes. Or at least they should! In the many years of operating as a professional agency, we have never come across a wedding musician or band that will not be happy to learn a song for your first dance. But, you should to bear in mind the type of song you have requested and the style of the band you have chosen. Some bands may not fit the instrumentation and music style. They may not be able to represent the song you chose. For example, choosing a hip-hop multi-vocal song for a solo cello player! In this case, it could be better to have the band play the official MP3 version through their PA system instead.

"How loud will the band be?"

The volume a band performs will depend on the type of instruments involved. Particularly un-amplified instruments like drums and brass which have a set volume level. Amplified instruments will then set their volumes to blend the music. If you have chosen a band that is all amplified (a hi-tech band for hire using backing tracks for example) then their volume can be set as quiet as the lowest level at which they can sing without the dry sound (the voice before microphone amplification) being heard.

"Will the band be suitable for sound limiters?"

This will depend on the level of the sound limiter and the type of band selected. If your venue has a sound limiter this is something that should be discussed when booking the band. If you are unsure then it is best to choose a band which is all amplified. The sound produced will be more controllable than a band with un-amplified instruments. (Drums for example.) Many musicians for hire have experience in working with sound limitations. They will be able to advise whether they will have an issue.

"Do I need to provide anything for the musicians?"

You will only need to provide a space in which to perform and payment. The space they need will depend on the size of the band you are booking. This can vary from as little as 2 meters to as much as an orchestra pit! The musicians for hire have experience in the space the band uses and will be able to tell you in more detail. The payment for the engagement should be issued by prior arrangement. This is usually via a BACS transfer in the week leading up to the event, issued in cash at the end of the performance or payment via cheque.

"What if I have a complaint about the musician/band?"

If you have a complaint this should be raised as soon as possible with the music act themselves. The sooner a band knows there is an issue the quicker they can rectify the problem if it is within their power to do so. A great way to avoid complaints is to use the ACE Music Booking Agents Engagement Agreement form. This covers many of the areas which can result in a complaint if not agreed before the performance. For example, when the band is to arrive, set-up, play, break, finish. Also includes an agreement about cancellations and payments.

"How will the musicians plan my event's performance?"

Exactly what you want them to as agreed! This usually takes the form of their arrival before the event is to start to set-up and sound-check. They will then make themselves scarce or get changed into their performance costume. Once the music begins the band or musician you have chosen will start their performance. This will be by the type of music you heard from the examples they provided. They will play for the agreed amount of time, usually taking small break in-between sets. At the end, they will pack up their equipment, and depending on your agreement, accept payment and leave.

"What equipment will the musicians provide?"

The band will supply all the equipment they need to perform at your venue. If you have any particular equipment requests (laser lights for example!) then please discuss these with the band booked beforehand. Likely the band will provide a lighting system suitable to the venue, a PA system capable of supporting their amplification needs and enough great songs to get everyone in attendance dancing and singing along all night long!

"Will the musicians need a lot of space?"

The amount of space the bands and musicians will need varies. This depends on whether you're looking for a solo