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Selection of acts performing in Leicester Leicestershire England

Junction 35 | 5 Piece Band | South Yorkshire | Pop - Rock

Junction 35

Junction 35 cover songs from pretty much all genres and for all occasions. Can provide a bespoke package ...
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Lawrence Hill | Solo Musicians | Hertfordshire | Acoustic

Lawrence Hill

Acoustic Guitarist & Singer. ITV The Voice UK 2017 - Team Kim Wilde Support act - European ...
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Check One Music (High Energy Party Band) | London | Pop - Rock

Check One Music

Top quality, high energy party band specialising in Pop, Soul and Rock, made up of some of the ...
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The Sabbath Years | 5 Piece Band | Devon | Hard Rock – Metal

The Sabbath Years (Black Sabbath Tribute)

Black Sabbath Tribute Act Performing Tracks from Their 1st to 13th Albums. Available to Hire for Parties, Functions, ...
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Frankly Jazz | Solo Musician, Singer - 8+ Piece Band | North Yorkshire | Jazz - Swing

Frankly Jazz

Frankly Jazz, a live and authentic swing band with the right sound to make your party go off ...
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Justin TimberLike | Solo Singers | Kent | Tribute

Justin TimberLike (Justin Timberlake Tribute)

A Justin Timberlake lookalike impersonator since 2004. He has won awards with titles for "Best Male Lookalike" and ...
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Featured Acts Performing in Leicester, Leicestershire

Leicester Live Music Hire Articles
Booking Help and Advice "What do I do to book a music act?" It's easy to make a booking for music hire. Simply complete the band hire form. Provide some information about the type of booking you are planning and let us do all the work! We can find you great bands/musicians for your booking. If you want more control there are some additional pieces of information which can help us find exactly what you are looking for. For example, the size of band you prefer or the venue permits, the genre of music you'd like (for example Rock, Pop, 60's). The type of event you are planning (if you're planning a wedding reception we can find you expert wedding bands). Your budget (this will ensure only music acts for hire within your price range will be found). Any other info which you feel may help (for example, if you select birthday party as your event type and tell us it's for a 75th birthday we can find you some great classic bands to get the night swinging!). Once completed, press the 'Set us to work!' button and we'll search our network for the right music acts for hire area which match your enquiry. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3 or you can take control and get exactly the music you need for your event.

"How long do music acts for hire need to set-up?" The time it takes to set-up also varies depending on the amount of musicians involved; a solo violinist can be ready in just a few minutes whereas 10-piece cover bands, tribute bands, function bands, wedding bands or any type of music acts may need an hour to 90 minutes to position all the musicians on the stage, prepare the equipment and conduct a sound-check. In either case, it is best to agree with the bands regarding the time of arrival which will allow for them to prepare for your event. This should ideally be before your guests or patrons arrive.

"I need to cancel or re-arrange a music act booked, what do I do?" If you need to cancel a band booking this is best done directly with the chosen live music artist as soon as possible. Simply contact the band you selected for the event and explain the reason for the cancellation. Simply changing your mind is not usually a good enough reason to cancel! Please ensure you provide the music acts with as much notice as possible as without it, the band will not be able to schedule another performance on the cancellation date leading to a loss of earnings.
When you discuss the terms and conditions of the engagement with your music act please discuss what is to happen if a cancellation occurs. Musicians in these bands are human-beings too so likely they will understand if you have a genuine reason for the cancellation. If you need to re-arrange an engagement you should contact the band and let them know why and when you would like them to perform. They may need time to check their calendar (or multiple calendars if there's many musicians in the band!) before they can confirm the re-arrangement.

"What if the music act cancels?" If a band cancels you will need to find a replacement band as soon as possible. Firstly, you should enter another band hire enquiry form so we can help you as we have many cover bands, tribute bands, pub bands, club bands, music acts, function bands or wedding bands available at short notice. Secondly you need to decide the impact of the cancellation and, if the cancellation has not allowed sufficient time for a replacement to be found what your losses may be. This should then be cross-referenced with the agreement you discussed with the band prior to the booking in relation to any cancellation. You can download a live music hire Engagement Agreement document to use when you book a band.

"Can I see the music acts performing live before booking?" Of course! All of our bands for hire are active musicians and the band selected for your engagement is very likely working in your local area. Many cover bands, tribute bands, pub bands, club bands, music acts, function bands or wedding bands have websites which they can direct you to which will usually include a list of the dates they are playing and where. Provided it's a public event simply pop along and have a listen. If you like what you hear don't forget to introduce yourselves and let them know you discovered them via the ACE Music Booking agency website. You can also discuss a pre-booking viewing when you discuss your engagement with the bands. As they are keen to secure the booking they will be very happy to let you know when you can see them play and to discuss your engagement.

"Is it possible to pick the songs the music acts for hire will perform?" Choosing which songs to perform depends a great deal on the type of band you are booking. Some bands will work very hard on a particular series of songs, sometimes linking a number of songs together into a medley and will have a routine to last the entire evening which they have perfected. In this case it is very difficult for them to change the order of songs to include your choice, however they may still be able to perform a special song for you, a first dance for example. Other bands will happily play any song or number of songs you request providing you give them enough notice to learn them.
Many international cover bands, tribute bands, function bands, wedding bands and music acts to hire travel the world with over 300 songs in their repertoire and will likely know the songs you like already! In both cases, don't be afraid to ask! It is important you get exactly the music you want at your event.

"Will the acts for hire learn a first dance song request?" Yes. Or at least they should! In the many years we have been operating as a professional agency we have never come across a music artist that will not happily learn a song for your first dance. However, you may need to bear in mind the type of song you have requested and the style of the covers band, tribute or theme band, genre based band, event band, wedding band or any type of music act you have chosen. As some bands may not fit the instrumentation and music style, they simply will not be able to accurately represent the song you chose (for example choosing a hip-hop multi vocal song for a solo cello player!) and you may be better served having the band play the official MP3 version through their PA system instead.

"How loud will the music act be?" The volume the music act performs at will depend in the most part on the type of instruments involved. Particularly un-amplified instruments like drums and brass which have a fairly set volume level at which they are played. Amplified instruments will then be required to set their volume levels appropriately in order to musically blend together. If you have chosen a music act that is entirely amplified (a hi-tech band for hire using backing tracks for example) then their volume can be set as quiet as the lowest level at which they can sing without the dry sound (the voice before microphone amplification) being heard.

"Will the music acts be suitable for sound limiters?" This will depend on the level of the sound limiter