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Below is just a few of the reviews ACE Music Booking Agency received from happy clients and music acts.

5 star rating

"Thank you for the shortlist you have provided me, it's been really good variety and excellent acts! Thanks a bunch! Lifesaver!"

– Husna | Wedding Reception

5 star rating

"Took just a few seconds to enter my enquiry and before I knew it I’d booked a superb band. Quite literally ACE!"

– Sal | Private Event – Function

5 star rating

"Big thank you to you! I didn't think I can chat and you did something for us. It's Friday bank holiday weekend. You are so awesome!"

– Aki | Birthday Party

5 star rating

"You guys are awesome, will work with you again in the future."

- Joyce | Private Event - Function

5 star rating

"Love how ACE emails me with new bookings which fit my act, Makes it easier as we can get straight down to business and secure the booking without any fuss."

- Payton | Music act

5 star rating

"You did a great job finding a very qualified selection of available bands for my wedding reception."

– Louise | Wedding Reception

5 star rating

"Can be tricky working for yourself as a professional musician but ACE presents our info in a lovely manner and allows clients to hear our music and book us straight from the page."

- HotCat | Music act

5 star rating

"We get a lot of requests for bands at private functions in our hotel and I always post them on ACE."

- James | Private Event - Function

5 star rating

"We get a lot of demand from bands wanting to play here and dealing with the calls can take up a lot of time. Much easier to just tell them to sign-up on your site."

- John | Pub - Club

5 star rating

"We've had a great time with ACE Direct. Well worth the money. We've managed to book 3 or 4 gigs through you guys and we've also seen a lot of others that look amazing that we'll definitely apply for once we're free for a long period of time."

– Foxgloves Duo | Music Act

5 star rating

"Only used your service for the first time recently but it saved a lot of effort trying to find the right band for our party."

– Chris | Birthday Party

5 star rating

"I happily recommend ACE and have no hesitation in doing so."

- Viv | Corporate Event

5 star rating

"We've managed to get repeat bookings in some fab venues because of ACE. A handy resource for bands like ours that want to stay busy."

- Rob | Music act

5 star rating

"Didn't have to waste time hunting around to find a band able to play our particular type of venue."

- Pauline | Restaurant - Cafe

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