ACE Managed Client Contract Shortlist Request

The client has requested a shortlist of interested musicians for their contract. Please use the form below to add your act to the shortlist.

The information entered below will be sent to the client with a link to your ACE website profile.

ACE will handle all communication between act and client during the managed process. The client will select a music act from their shortlist, sign an agreement for the hire of the music act . The selected music act will also sign an agreement for the performance. The agreements as well as the client and act contact details will then be exchanged.

ACE - Managed Client Contract Shortlist Request
Enter the ID number of the live music booking request. This is in the subject line and body of the booking request email. I.e. 190123456789
Enter your band name or stage name.
Enter your email address. This will also be used to send you a copy of your quote.
Enter your telephone number.
Select the currency in which you are providing your quote

Contract Quote Details

Enter a performance quote and any priced additional options. Add multiple quotes if in multiple act types (sizes) which fit the enquiry by using 'Add Another Quote Option'.

Enter the MONTHLY salary quote fee PER PERSON. Include any additional expenses NOT provided by the client

LINKS - Travel: Fuel Calculator | Flight Comparison | Accommodation: Hotel Comparison | Equipment hire: Google Equipment Hire in [location]
Size or service offered.
Monthly quote fee. Number only format.
Any expenses NOT provided by client
Enter a message to be sent with your quote. NOTE: Entering ANY additional expenses or requirements here will result in your quote being rejected. Website URLs and contact information are not permitted and will be removed.

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